Human Resources

Our strategic plan details Grace Foundation human resources policy. Included in our policy is a merit-based process. Offers for employment are advertised in through the Christian Churches listing the selection criteria and duties required. The applicants are short listed for interview and a panel is established that has no relatives of any of the shortlisted applicants. All panelist are required to sign off on the interview with set questions for all applicants. Successful applicants are taken on staff with a 3-6 months’ probation period. All successful applicants are required to sign a duty and performance-based contract.

All state coordinators staff are in required to attend weekly conference meeting to discuss progress reports. The execute targets are set, training needs are discussed and financial authority and accountability assessments are checked. Staff are encouraged to make decisions and take responsibility for their performance. Empowerment of staff to take decisions in timely manner are encouraged as its in house leadership development process. Staff are required to report and provide written reports and details of program impact weekly. This forms the basis of their performance assessment. Grace Foundation keeps a work plan for the year for all its programs.